Miss Marple and Intuition

Miss Marple and intuition

I had written on listening in layers in an earlier post.  I had gotten the idea from Michael J. Gelb’s book How to think like Leonardo da Vinci.  I was walking today and thinking about seeing in layers.

Why do some people see more than others?  Why are some people able to anticipate your next move?  The Miss Marples of the world seem to have an uncanny ability to note the trivial but zero in on what is real and important.  What is going on here?  Are we insensitive?  Not as smart?

Intuition- to look, to receive knowledge by direct perception

It isn’t magic.

I think people who are intuitive are good at paying attention.  Information comes our way at alarming rates.  Don’t be so quick to dismiss what you see, smell, or think.  Where did that thought come from?  Do you have a problem you are trying to sort out?  The answer often times is all around you.  It is written on the sign you see as you drive down the highway.  It is in the smell of the freshly baked cookies that remind you of mother.  It is in the look someone gave you that says that they are not your friend.

Granted, Miss Marple is a fictional character, but she will do nicely as an example.  She has solved cases because a tune was moving through her head or she looked into  a shop window and saw a fish with black spots.  But she paid attention and put all the little details together like a puzzle.

20/20 hindsight

is so clear because we saw all the clues and information way back when!

I can’t tell you how often clues slide past my vision and I ignore, deny, and dismiss,  but they always come back, maybe years later, but they do.   I can tell you the exact moment when I should have stopped and questioned the information I was given.

I have had a musical issue that has been plaguing me for years.  This year I consciously decided to really research and pay attention.

  Look look look looklooklookplease look listen smell seek and ye shall find. sense look touch looklook

I have found that I already had the answers to my musical problem but they were in bits and pieces.  This puzzle is being put together at a steady pace.

I think most of us are thoroughly capable of deepening our ability to be more intuitive.  If it is important it is worthy of our time.


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