Finding Words

        finding words                           

Box of Words



finding ABC LMNO  G         ABC DEF              words             EF                    ZZ ZZZZ                ABC DEF  GABC DEF  GH         find                   J KLM  N         QWERTY

b                       lo

ZYXWVUT                                  SRQ   P O

NML             KJIH    GFE

     DCB A                                                          

Six and twenty
full and plenty
beginning ending
chosen pending
Bitten, mishandled, mulled over twice
a sideways inversion, a clever device.
Stretched and wretched
proclaimed without proof
withheld and with ease, coy and aloof
invective, profane, with a tight little lip
concocted and clumsy, a tongue with a slip.
A moonstruck malfeasance, a madcap misquote
a gussied up, giddied up, galloping gloat.
Frothy, fitful, fizzy and airy
Malleable, changeable, capricious and merry
Succulent, plump, a sugary glaze
a neat little twist, a Pickwickian phrase.
Fitful, fickle, and prone to fall
Alpha, the One
Omega, the All.

Where would we be without a dictionary?  My favorite dictionary is the hulking Oxford Dictionary.  He is a big lug full of wit and charm.  He is falling apart at the seams and a bit spineless, but he is lovable, all the same.  No one is better at getting to the root of a problem and he is never at a loss for words.  The dictionary on the computer just isn’t the same.  I can’t run my fingers over his papery spine.  He is too cold and proper.  My Oxford is an overgrown, opinionated galoot and he is all mine.


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